Get Rs88 on reloading a Rs100 mobile card

It is now confirmed that the mobile companies operating in Pakistan have withdrawn from taking service charges on card easy loads and balance transfers.

An official telecom company has confirmed that from now onwards the customer would get an amount of Rs. 88 on loading an Rs.100 card. Earlier the amount received of an Rs.100 card reload was Rs.77.

The previous Chief Justice of Pakistan—Mian Saqib Nisar directed to remove all types of taxes and service charges on the mobile card loads, but this decision was withdrawn last month and the taxes on the telecom services were restored.

However, this decision was ordered to be removed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan but was taken back last month and all kinds of taxes on telecom services were restored.

The telecom companies have now been asked not to charge any service or a single penny for card loads.

12.5percent as tax and 19.5percent FED is still applicable to be deducted when a card would be loaded.

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