Google pays tribute to Mirza Ghalib the classic poet

Paying homage to Mirza Ghalib on his 220th birth anniversary, Google celebrated the late poet with a doodle.

Ghalib was a prominent Urdu and Persian-language poet during the Mughal era. His real name was Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan and he was born in Agra on December 27, 1797. He began composing poems from the age of 11. Although his first language was Urdu, Turkish and Persian languages were also spoken at his home.

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Today, Mirza Ghalib is more famous for his Urdu ghazals among Urdu scholars than he is for his achievements in Persian.

After getting married by the age of 13, in accordance with the upper-class Muslim customs of the time, he settled in Delhi. One of the recurring themes in Mirza Ghalib’s poems is the idea that life is a continuous painful struggle that ends only with life itself.

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