Govt employees in Dubai now can get retirement and pension

DUBAI: Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued a decree approving the retirement and pension procedures applicable to Dubai Government employees.

According to the Decree, Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) will form a committee to evaluate the retirement requests of employees.

A representative of DGHR will chair the committee. The committee is composed of representatives from Dubai’s Department of Finance, the General Secretariat of Dubai Executive Council and the General Secretariat of Dubai’s Supreme Legislation Committee.

The Decree also defines retirement procedures. Pursuant to the Decree, Dubai Government entities must refer their employees’ retirement requests to DGHR. The application must clarify the reasons for retirement and provide all the required information and documents and meet any other requirements set by the committee. The government entity is responsible for completing the application, satisfying the requirements and completing the documents prior to submission to the committee.

DGHR is responsible for following up the committee’s recommendations, including referring its recommendations to the General Secretariat of Dubai’s Supreme Legislation Committee to issue the required legislation prior to submission to His Highness the Ruler for final approval.

According to the Decree, the committee must consider the financial impact of the employee’s retirement, and the retirement request’s conformity with the Pension and the Social Security Federal Law of 1999 and its amendments.

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