GT Road Rally enters third day, PML-N expected to reach Gujranwala today

After an overnight stay at a hotel located on the banks of the River Jhelum, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has resumed a long road trip to his hometown of Lahore via the Grand Trunk (GT) Road.

Today, he is expected to make a stop at Gujranwala. Possible stops along the way include Kharian, Lalamusa and Gujrat.

A rostrum has been set up at Gujrat’s GTS Chowk, where Sharif is expected to address workers.

PML-N workers in Gujranwala have set up a stage and sound system for the former premier to make an address to his loyalists.

It normally takes 1.5 to 2 hours to reach Gujranwala from Jhelum via GT Road. However, the convoy is expected to reach by dusk.

According to the scheduled issued by PML-N, Sharif will spend the night in Gujranwala and leave for Lahore in the morning. He is expected to reach Lahore at 4pm on Saturday.

The rally, which started on Wednesday, halted at Jhelum yesterday where Nawaz addressed his supporters at Sohawa Junction and levelled his harshest criticism yet against the judiciary.

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