Here’s the list of what’s costly after this budget

Want to know how the new budget impacts your daily life? Here are the goods and services that budget 2017-18 has made expensive:

As a result of additional levy, at least 400 imported items including cosmetics, cell phones, cigarettes, imported drinks and electronics will become more expensive.

Following is a list of items that will turn costlier:

1. Cosmetics (lipsticks, lotions, perfumes, skin creams, face creams, face powders etc)
2. Chocolates
3. Honey
4. Imported yogurt and other cane food
5. Frozen Mangoes
6. Mineral water
7. Imported juices, drinks and fruits
8. Auto parts
9. Electronics (Mobile phones, fridge, TV, water dispenser, microwave oven, electric table, dishes, receivers)
10. Cigarettes
11. Pet food

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