Hindu extremist group urged ‘brothers’ in UK to burn down cinemas which play “Padmavati”

LONDON: ‘Padmavati’, an upcoming Bollywood film that features a contentious inter-religious romance, has prompted threats of terror attacks in the UK as a Hindu extremist group has urged ‘brothers’ in Britain to burn down cinemas which screen the movie.

Padmavati has proven a controversial film, despite no one having seen it. The film will come out in the UK on December 1.

Demonstrations have been held in India to stop it coming out – and India’s film board has heeded the protesters’ advice, delaying the release until a review is carried out.

In Britain, where opposition to the film’s release is comparatively insignificant, it has a release date – but Hindus back in India are outraged that it’ll be shown.

One radical group, Karni Sena, is pleading with the Hindu population in the UK to burn down the cinemas screening it, according to The Telegraph report.

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