Honda defective airbags costs $605 million for settlement

WASHINGTON: Japanese carmaker Honda reached a $605 million settlement in a lawsuit over defective airbags in millions of cars on American roads, the legal team for the victims said Friday.

Honda joins Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Mazda and Subaru in agreeing on a deal to settle a lawsuit, replace the defective airbags from now-bankrupt Takata, and to compensate car owners.

The latest agreement was filed in the US District Court in Miami.


Peter Prieto, one of the lawyers leading the team going after Takata, said the deal, which still has to be approved by the court, will “improve driver safety by accelerating the removal of defective airbags from our roads.”

It also will provide compensation to owners of up to $500 plus expenses, including rental cars while their vehicles are repaired.

“We will continue prosecuting our claims against Ford and other automobile manufacturers to ensure that our clients receive the relief they deserve,” Prieto said in a statement.

Multiple Honda models are affected by the case, including Civic, Accord, and CR-V, dating back to 2001.

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