‘Huashang’ first-ever Chinese language newspaper of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Huashang, is the first-ever Chinese language weekly newspaper launched in Pakistan along with its English version. It is mainly targeted towards Chinese embassy staff, Chinese nationals living in Pakistan and those working in Chinese companies.

According to BBC Urdu, the newspaper Huashang, with its head office located in Islamabad, publishes 5000 copies every week. The Chinese weekly hit 60,000 readers. This week, it was Huashang’s 21 edition in Pakistan.

The entire environment of Huashang’s office, situated at Islamabad’s busy market, reflects the atmosphere of Beijing.

In Chinese language ‘Hua’ means flower and ‘Shang’ means business, therefore, the literally meaning of Huashang is business of flower, but here it means “Pure Business”.

According to Facebook page of the newspaper, Huashang was launched in response to the Chinese “One Belt One Road” initiative to better promote enterprise-depth cooperation between China and Pakistan under the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

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