Imran bars PTI members from sharing public forum with PML-N lawmaker

A day after the scuffle broke out between Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf legislator Murad Saeed and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) lawmaker Mian Javed Latif, PTI chief Imran Khan barred representatives of his party from appearing on TV shows where Latif may be invited.

In subsequent tweets, the PTI chairman also ordered his party “members and leaders” from attending “any public forum event where Javed Latif is invited.”

“In any civilised country he [Javed Latif] would be banned from all public forums,” the PTI chief added.

A scuffle broke out between Latif and Saeed at the main entrance to the Parliament House after a session of the National Assembly on Thursday.

Footage of the incident showed PTI MNA Murad Saeed attempting to punch and slap PML-N MNA Javed Latif while the latter was leaving the Parliament House.

When asked about the reasons behind the scuffle, Saeed claimed that the PML-N parliamentarian had called his leader [Imran Khan] a traitor which elicited a strong reaction from him in protest.

Hours after the scuffle broke out, Khan defended Saeed by accusing Latif of disrespecting female members of Saeed’s family.

In his multiple tweets later in the day, the PTI chief also referred to past events to prove his point against the PML-N.

In his tweets he gave different reasons which led to the scuffle and the aggressive behaviour of Mr Saeed contrary to the one claimed by Mr Saeed himself after the episode.

“[I] condemn in strongest terms the shocking abusive language used by PML-N MNA Jawed Latif against Murad Saeed’s female family mbrs [members],” the PTI chief tweeted.

“Stooping to such depths esp [especially] in our society where the sanctity of our families is respected by even the worst of enemies is unacceptable. PMLN again shows its fake adherence to respecting “chadar & chardiwari” while disrespecting women, including family mbrs [members] of opponents.”


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