Imran Khan’s Toshakhana Case: Verdict Imminent

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August 28, 2023
Imran Khan's Toshakhana Case

IHC will announce verdict on former PM’s plea tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11am

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has reserved its verdict on a plea filed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan seeking the suspension of the sentence announced by the trial court in the Imran Khan’s Toshakhana Case.

A two-member bench of the IHC, comprising Chief Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangir, heard the case on Monday. The ECP lawyer, Amjad Parvez, who had been absent from the previous hearing due to health reasons, was present in court and presented his arguments.

The IHC will announce its verdict on Tuesday at 11am.

Toshakhana case:

Imran Khan's Toshakhana Case

Imran Khan’s Toshakhana Case

The Imran Khan’s Toshakhana Case relates to allegations that Khan purchased gifts he received as prime minister at throwaway rates and sold them off in the open market for staggering profits. The gifts included watches given by a royal family, and the most expensive one was a “Master Graff limited edition” valued at 85 million Pakistani rupees ($385,000).

In October 2022, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) declared Khan guilty of corrupt practices in the Imran Khan’s Toshakhana Case and filed a complaint in an Islamabad court. Khan challenged the verdict and approached the IHC for his release and suspension of the conviction.

The IHC hearing on Monday was the last before the verdict is announced. The court will consider the arguments presented by both sides before issuing its decision.

Here are some additional details About Toshakhana case:

  • The Toshakhana is a government repository for gifts received by high-ranking officials.
  • The rules governing the Toshakhana allow officials to keep gifts of low value, but they must pay a reduced fee for more expensive items.
  • Khan is accused of violating these rules by purchasing gifts at throwaway rates and selling them for a profit.
  • The ECP inquiry into the Toshakhana case found that Khan had committed corrupt practices.
  • Khan has denied the allegations against him.
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