Imran’s jail security measures cost Rs1.2m monthly

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April 09, 2024


The security provisions for PTI founding chairman Imran Khan at Adiala Jail are clocking a hefty monthly bill of over Rs1.2 million, according to the report submitted by the jail superintendent to the Lahore High Court (LHC).

The report details the specialised facilities provided to Imran Khan within the prison premises, including a separate CCTV camera system installed at a cost of Rs500,000, distinct from the system overseeing the 7,000 other prisoners.

Imran Khan’s meals are prepared in a dedicated kitchen under the watchful eye of the assistant superintendent and are subject to inspection by a medical officer or deputy superintendent before being served.

Furthermore, a team of over six doctors from Holy Family Hospital is stationed to provide medical care to the former prime minister, with additional specialist teams conducting regular check-ups.

Of the seven special cells available, Imran occupies two, while the remaining five are kept closed for security reasons, with Imran utilising the yard for his daily walks. Typically, 35 prisoners are accommodated in these cells.

Access to Imran Khan’s cell is tightly restricted, requiring permission for entry, and professionally trained personnel are assigned to ensure the security of his ward.

While Adiala Jail typically assigns one personnel for every ten prisoners, Imran’s security detail comprises 15 personnel, including two security officers and three dedicated to his personal security.
Moreover, a designated area within the jail premises is allocated for Imran Khan’s recreational walks, equipped with exercise machines and other amenities.

Strict regulations are enforced for visitors, and comprehensive security protocols are implemented during court proceedings.

The report reveals the collaborative efforts of jail police, Rangers, and district police in ensuring the security of Adiala Jail, including regular search operations and mock drills.

Additional police forces, Rangers, and elite personnel are deployed both within and around Adiala Jail to maintain a secure environment for Imran Khan and all inmates.

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