In a first, Saudi Arabia set to participate in Miss Universe

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March 27, 2024

27-year-old model Rumy Alqahtani is set to make history by representing Saudi Arabia at the prestigious Miss Universe pageant for the very first time, the Khaleej Times reported.

Alqahtani, a seasoned beauty pageant contestant and influencer boasting a million-strong following on Instagram, took to social media platform on Monday to share her exhilarating news.

“I am honoured to participate in the Miss Universe 2024 competition. This is the debut of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the competition,” she declared in Arabic on her Instagram account.

Accompanying her announcement were images of Alqahtani bedecked in regal attire, embodying the epitome of a beauty queen. Adorned in a strapless, sequined gown, a tiara gracing her head, and draped in the Saudi flag.

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Hailing from Riyadh, Alqahtani’s forays into global pageantry has seen her participate in various esteemed competitions, including her recent venture into the Miss and Mrs Global Asian pageant held in Malaysia just weeks ago.

As Alqahtani prepares to showcase Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and beauty to a global audience, her participation underscores the evolving landscape of the kingdom and its growing presence on the world stage. Her journey at Miss Universe 2024 promises to inspire and empower women across the region and beyond.

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