Increase in traffic violation fine proposed from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000

LAHORE: In an attempt to curb rampant traffic violations across the Punjab capital, the traffic police authorities have proposed a HEFTY increase in the fine for violators to cope with a lingering issue with the iron hand.

According to the letter of deputy inspector general of police Lahore, at least 6000 traffic violations are witnessed in Lahore almost on daily basis, and “such violations cause slow traffic, blockage of roads, and accidents. Hence enhancement of penalty/fine can help restrain people from such violations.

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He suggested that penalty for motorcycle violators be increased from current Rs 200 to Rs 2000, while fine for drivers of cars/jeeps is enhanced from Rs 500 to whopping Rs 10,000.

The deputy IG has sent his recommendation to the capital city police officer of Lahore for approval.

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