India: Hindu man killed a Muslim labourer in an apparent religious attack

Police in western India has arrested a Hindu man they say brutally killed a Muslim laborer in an apparent religious attack.

Press Trust of India reported late Thursday that the arrest came after the suspect shared a grisly video of the laborer Mohammad Afrazul being hacked to death and then set on fire. TV reports aired video of the victim lying on the ground while a man in the foreground raves against Muslims.

The killing took place in the western state of Rajasthan on Wednesday.

Police say the accused, Shambu Lal Raigar, raged against intermarriages of Hindu women and Muslim men. It wasn’t clear why Afrazul was singled out.

The killing is the most recent in a spate of attacks on minority groups, especially Muslims since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party swept national elections in 2014. Most of the violence against Muslims involved fringe Hindu vigilante groups that have become active in small towns and cities across India.

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