India renew its demand to give consular access to Jadhav

NEW DELHI: India dismissed the Pakistan military’s statement as farcical and an attempt to influence the proceedings of the World Court where India has sought justice for Kulbhushan Jadhav.

Indian naval officer sentenced to death for spying in Pakistan has admitted espionage and filed a mercy petition with the chief of army staff, the Pakistan military said on Thursday.

India renewed its demand for consular access to Jadhav and the grant of visas to his family to meet him in prison.

“The details and circumstances of the alleged mercy petition by Mr Jadhav are not clear and even the fact of its existence is doubtful, shrouded as the proceedings against Mr Jadhav have been in opacity,” the Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

After Jadhav was sentenced to death in April, India asked the World Court for an injunction to bar the execution, arguing that he was denied diplomatic assistance during what it terms as an unfair trial.

The World Court, formally known as the International Court of Justice, ordered Pakistan in May to delay Jadhav’s execution. It argued that Islamabad violated a treaty guaranteeing diplomatic assistance to foreigners accused of crimes.

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