Indian couple in Dubai get unexpected gift from Pakistanis on Aug 14

An Indian couple residing in the UAE was given a pleasant Independence Day gift by Pakistanis, reported Khaleej Times.

Christine and Ajay went to the Karachi Darbar in Dubai for a quick lunch on August 14, “We knew it was the Pakistani Independence Day and so we greeted the waiter and some people eating at the restaurant. We even had a warm conversation with an elderly Pakistani gentleman on the adjacent table,” Christine told Khaleej Times.

The couple then proceeded to order their favorite Pakistani food and asked the waiter to bring them the dish of the day as well, as it seemed like a popular option. “We ordered our food with a lot of joy as we always do. Ajay even joked that I broke Usain Bolt’s 100m record on the haleem.”

“We finished our meal and asked for the bill, but the waiter seemed to be taking his own time. After much delay, he reluctantly came back and said shyly, ‘Your bill has been taken care of,’” said Christine. They were told that their bill had been paid by two Pakistani Pathan gentlemen sitting a few tables away from them.

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