Why Indian Govt canceled the passport of Zakir Naik?

Indian Foreign Ministry has canceled the passport of Zakir Naik. He (Zakir Naik) allegedly accused of the extremists Financing and Money Laundering.

According to the official of the Anti terrorist department, Mumbai passport office has canceled the passport of Zakir Naik on the plea of National Investigation Agency (NIA).

The representative of Press Trust of India (PTI) said that National Investigation Agency (NIA) has sent many notices to Zakir Naik to appear in the investigation, but he doesn’t appear.

Moreover, An Additional Session Judge has issued non-bailable warrants of Zakir Naik under the direction of National Investigation Agency (NIA) on 21 April. While court ordered Zakir Naik on 15 June to appear before the Court.

According to the statements, Indian Foreign Minister canceled his passport on the direction of Anti terrorism department (ATD) for not following the orders of the Court.

51 years old Zakir Naik is currently out of India and accused of terrorism and money laundering.

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