Indian man declared himself the king of land near Egypt

A 24-year-old Indian has declared himself the king of the unclaimed land of 800 square miles of land between Egypt and Sudan. He could very well be the youngest monarch with his idea of ‘virtual governance of a kingdom’ which he named ‘Kingdom of Dixit’.

A software engineer from Indore, India; Suyash Dixit is now His Highness King Suyash the First and will rule his kingdom online from India. He stated that he did not want people in his kingdom but instead wanted to run a country on a community basis, according to The Times of India.

The king stated that in order to bolster his finances he might consider offering people to be the President of his kingdom for a month and charge a huge amount for it. He also declared that he aims to form a community-based kingdom where everyone will be connected to each other online.

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