Ineligibility case: Imran Khan submits reply in Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has Monday submitted reply in Supreme Court regarding his ineligibility case and said although the documents do not prove that the money was sent by Jemima from England, but this actually is the reality.

Imran Khan provided additional papers in the apex court which included the money trail, reasons of not declaring Niazi Services Limited in Pakistan, and details of twenty thousand pounds that were sent by Rashid Ali Khan.

Imran took the stance in his reply that the amount sent from London was not public money. He said it was not sent abroad from Pakistan, and then brought back. The first bank letter of Rashid Ali Khan explains about converting foreign currency into Pakistani rupee, whereas, the second one clarifies about the money that was sent by Jemima.

Khan further added that the property of Bani Gali was not transferred to Jemima’s name after divorce, and it was registered to his name in October 2005. He added it is not possible to find the record of tax returns that were filed before the sale of London flat. PTI chairman also requested SC to dismiss Hanif Abbasi’s petition against him with fine.

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