Insider story of PM Nawaz sharif’s inquisition

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who appeared before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Thursday, told the members of the panel to ask anything they want to know about his three stints as prime minister of the country, sources told Geo News.

The prime minister asked the members of the JIT to let him know if he ever indulged in corruption, received commission and misused his authority.

He told the JIT that his father ran a business which is now being run by his children. Nawaz Sharif told the JIT to ask all the questions they want to.

The JIT members told him that they asked all the questions provided by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the ones they wanted to ask themselves.

The prime minister stayed 15 minutes in the waiting room after the JIT questioning concluded.

Later on, he chaired a meeting of his close aides and told them there were some puppets in the politics, without naming anyone.

The prime minster said all the conspiracies would die with the development of the country.

He said his conscience was satisfied because he didn’t get involved in corrupt practices.

Giving details of the meeting, sources said some participants told the prime minister that “a mindset was against him”. Prime Minister responded by saying “we will fight the mindset”.

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