Iran: Hundreds of cartoonists participated in the International Trumpism Cartoon Contest

(Web Desk) – Hundreds of cartoonists participated in the International Trumpism Cartoon and Caricature Contest held in Tehran, Iran. Using satire as the focal point of the competition many artists from around the world presented their work in this year’s theme – Donald Trump.

According to TehranTimes, The Organization for Sacred Defense Artistic and Cinema Affairs held the contest in collaboration with the Art Bureau.

This year’s competition had a special logo of Nazi emblem. Instead of Swastika, the letter ‘T’ represented the initials for Trump. It was meant to encourage a comparison between the US president and Nazism.

In the past the organisers of the exhibition held similar contests focusing on themes like the Islamic State group and the Holocaust.

The organisers emphasized the reasons that motivated them to keep such themes for their past competitions: to focus more on the Western double standards rather than casting doubts on the Nazi genocide.

This year’s competition held at the Art Bureau announced Hadi Asadi from Iran first in the caricature category and Joaquin Aldeguer from Spain was selected as runner-up, while Brazilian caricaturist Eduardo Baptistão was presented with the third prize. Michael Kountouris from Greece was awarded first in cartoon category. Saeid Sadeqi from Iran and Mauricio Parra from Colombia won the second and third prizes, respectively.

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