Is Nawaz Sharif seeking NRO for Maryam Nawaz?

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, the Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways has claimed that Nawaz Sharif is seeking an NRO for his daughter Maryam Nawaz.

Sheikh Rasheed said this while talking to the media before inquiring the health of a journalist of SAMAA Tv who was injured by Nawaz Sharif’s security guards on Tuesday.

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The minister further claimed that the co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Asif Zardari is not interested in the NRO for his son Bilawal Bhutto.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that there will be a clean sweep before March. “Wolves had made their entry in the name of politics in the country. These black sheep ruined the country and now considering themselves respected people. They still will have a protocol,” he added.

Sheikh Rasheed said that thieves are being respected in the country. “Those who sacrificed for Pakistan have no job, roof and healthcare,” he added.

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