Israel to extend all possible support to India against Pakistan

JERUSALEM (Daily Dunya) – Israel while announcing complete and unconditional support for India has said that there is no difference between the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Hamas.

“We feel that India has a right to defend itself against terrorists in the same way as Israel has a right to defend itself from terrorists. We are both suffering from the same scourge. I really don’t see any difference between the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Hamas; I never did and I don’t today. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist,” Deputy Director General of Israel’s foreign ministry, Mark Sofer said while talking to media.

Sofer asserted that India and Isreal both are facing the menace of terrorism. He said that Israel will assist India in tackling terrorism emanating from within the country and Pakistan.

“Israel has never hidden the fact that it supports India hook, line and sinker on the subject of terrorism. We are not asking for a quid pro quo. You have suffered from terrorism from inside India, and not just emanating from Pakistan, which has been seen in recent history,” he said.

“Killing people for some sort of spurious or inexplicable ideological aim is terrorism, however you look at it. And that is what is happening from outside into India and coming from outside into Israel as well. We both clearly share the same struggle against the forces of evil,” notified Sofer, who has also served as ambassador to India.

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