Jacqueline Fernandez gets told off by Justin Beiber’s bodyguards

“No selfies, please. And Justin Bieber does not attend parties.”

That was, apparently, the response Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernandez got when she tried to meet the American singer backstage at his maiden concert in India last week, reported Spotboye

Such a flat reply is probably not what the ever-smiling Jacqueline is used to. After all, she’s a big star and – we’re guessing – a bigger Belieber. But even so, what she did next was nothing short of embarrassing.

After being barred from entering backstage, the Houseful star realised she was getting ditched and decided to wriggle her way through to reach Justin. But of course, his guards blocked the way and didn’t let her anywhere near the superstar, dismissing her request for a selfie with him.

Still, Jacqueline didn’t give up and told the guards that she was supposed to host a party for Justin. Unfortunately, her antics failed once again as one of them flat out told her, “Justin sir doesn’t attend parties.” Talk about making a boo-boo…

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