Jail officials took Rs.10m for allowing mobile service in central jail Karachi

After Monday’s raid by Rangers in Karachi jail, more and more details of the “facilities” provided to the prisoners are emerging and one estimate says that jail officials were making about Rs10million for allowing cellphone service inside the penitentiary.

According to ARY News correspondent Kamil Arif, investigation into the headline making fiasco revealed that jail officials not only allowed cellphone service inside the prison but a group of prisoners was running a “public call office” service in the jail charging Rs50 for a single call.

The ARY News correspondent added that jail officials were earning about Rs10million only for allowing the service inside the jail where government had installed cellphone jammers.

The prisoners also had a “special SIM” in case the jammers started working inside the penitentiary and SIMs were sent inside the jail by covering them tennis balls.

Prisoners were allowed to visit hospitals without any illness or prior permission from jail officials or court.

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