Javed Miandad declared Kohli as the best batsman in the world

After scoring his 34th ODI century, Indian captain Virat Kohli was hailed by the former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad as a “genius who is the best batsman in the world”.

Miandad admired Kohli during an interview to Pakpassion.net, praising him for his talent and ability to rescue Indian team during difficult situations.

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“In Virat Kohli’s case his batting method is what allows him to score runs not just once but almost every time he comes in to bat. If a batsman’s technique is bad, he can put some runs on the board once in a while, but he will not be able to do that consistently which is exactly true in Kohli’s case. To me, the mark of a great batsman, like Kohli is the fact that he can vary his technique by quickly understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the bowlers. Kohli is a genius who is the best batsman in the world,” Miandad was quoted saying.

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