JS Group Code of Conduct: A Mark Above the Rest

A lot can be told about an institution or company by the values and ethics they uphold because they reflect a standard of fairness and loyalty to the consumer or customer. When Jahangir Siddiqui started the JS Group in 1971, now one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates, he had a commitment to providing the best service to customers in the most transparent way. Now in 2016, that commitment has not wavered and has grown with the companies within it. As profits and growth has risen for JS Group so have their capacity to be more caring towards employees and customers to ensure a corporate culture that is a thriving landscape that gives equal opportunities and rewards good work.

Jahangir Siddiqui has time and again expounded that his company and each and every employee is like a family network and that means that each employee is treated with respect and regard, however, it also means that employees are expected to behave in morally high standards of conduct and behavior.
As many of JS Group’s subsidiaries are financial service providers, the client is kept on a pedestal and their interests to be always protected in a transparent and fair fashion. Corporate social responsibility is a big priority area for the group as is evident by the Mahvash and Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation outfit of the group that exclusively focuses on giving back to community and empowering individuals to be better citizens. Thus, adopting principle of good corporate citizenship and striving to fulfill corporate social responsibilities is one of the cornerstones of JS Group’s code of conduct.

Customer’s investments, savings and interests are kept secure by making sure that financial statements don’t conceal any facts and can be easily contested or double checked if any suspicion does arise. Confidentiality is also of value within the corporate structure of JS Group and this is reflected in the employees having to sign nondisclosure agreements to upkeep the company’s and customer’s privacy.

JS Group is a meritocratic employer that not only recruits highly motivated and competent individuals but also rewards leadership, innovation and intrapreneurship through promotions, bonuses and fringe benefits. Employees’ best contribution in achieving clients’ and shareholder’s financial goals are valued and rewarded to keep the morale up.

The working atmosphere is also democratic as all employees regardless of position or rank can voice opinions and suggestions. The board of directors regularly convenes to discuss best practices and improvement areas.

JS Group’s HR policies reflect up keeping a safe and secure work environment for women and minorities to ensure diversity and a unique mosaic of varied voices and experiences. Harassment policies are also strictly enforced and every employee goes through sensitization trainings.
JS Group also has a zero tolerance policy for insider trading, gifts and bribery, unfair treatment of employees, misuse of authority and using company resources for personal gain.This robust code of conduct is no doubt a cause and effect of JS Group’s success, and ensures the group recruiting the crème of the crème employees and loyalty from its customers.

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