Karachi Airport grapples with flight cancellations

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March 28, 2024



The Karachi Airport witnessed a flurry of flight cancellations on Wednesday as dwindling passenger numbers continue to plague the aviation sector.

Sources within the industry revealed that more than a dozen flights from various airlines scheduled to depart from Karachi Airport were axed.

The ongoing trend of decreased passenger loads has been exacerbated by the observance of Ramazan.

Among the affected flights were two international routes. Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) PK-330 bound for Multan, AirSial’s PF-121 destined for Lahore, Air Blue’s PA 200 headed to Islamabad, and Serene Air’s flight to Peshawar all faced cancellations.

Similarly, PIA’s PK-368 flight bound for Islamabad at 4 pm also fell victim to cancellation.

In a further blow, sources disclosed that Air Blue’s EK-607 flight to Dubai scheduled departure from Karachi at 6 pm was also axed, compounding the woes for travellers.

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