Karachi to face three more days of load-shedding

KARACHI/HYDERABAD: The miseries of the residents of Karachi have been compounded since the beginning of Ramazan and will continue for at least two to three more days due to a recent wave of rotational load management spells started by K-Electric (K-E).

The power crisis in Karachi has worsened in the past three days, leaving Karachiites to suffer due to long hours of load-shedding despite sweltering heat.

According to K-E’s Chief Marketing and Communication Officer Fakhar Ahmed, the power supply in Karachi was affected due to the tripping of an Extra High Tension (EHT) line due to extraordinary humidity levels in Karachi and its outskirts once again on Tuesday morning – the third time in three days.

He added that high levels of humidity are expected to persist for a few more days. “In order to avoid any vulnerability in the infrastructure, K-E will be continuing load management spells across the city over the next two to three days,” he told The Express Tribune.

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