Karachiites take to streets against prolonged power outages

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Prolonged power outages in Karachi from the beginning of Ramazan has forced people to stage protests against K-Electric and government.

As the fast observing faithful ran out of patience, they stormed K-Electric’s office in Gulistan Johar Block-12. The people damaged the property and set it ablaze. Unidentified men also opened fire at the office late night.

Meanhwile, the civilians’ burnt tyres and blocked roads in Nazimabad and Shahrah-i-Faisal areas.

The people were of the view that additional, loadshedding by K-Electric is unjustified while the government’s silence during all this scenario is questionable.

The fifth Sehri of Karachiites also underwent a power cut as blackouts were witnessed in homes, streets and markets. Intense hot weather coupled with unending loadshedding has added to people’s misery.

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