Karachi’s water, green line projects to get Rs25b

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has proposed roughly Rs25 billion for Karachi projects in the next budget, which will fully cover the remaining federal share in two critical schemes of bus transit and bulk water supply. Road projects, however, would remain partially funded.

Green Line BRT fails to keep promise of transplanting 800 trees

In the federal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2017-18, the federal government has provided the required allocations for Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System and Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme, known as K-IV, addressing one of the contentious issues between the Centre and the provincial government.

The Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System project has been given Rs13 billion for the next fiscal year, which will fully cover the remaining cost of the scheme. The project had been originally approved three years ago and Rs13 billion have already been spent on it.

In April this year, the federal government approved a revised green line bus rapid transit (BRT) project at a cost of Rs24.6 billion for the country’s largest metropolitan. It revised the cost of Karachi metro bus project upwards by 52% to Rs24.6 billion in addition to approving changes in its design.

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