Kareena Kapoor called Shah Rukh Khan Bollywood’s romantic hero

Bollywood stunning actress Kareena Kapoor termed Shah Rukh Khan as the country’s biggest romantic hero.

In a talk show, the actress said, “I think Shah Rukh Khan is India’s biggest romantic hero. When you go to any corner of the world, when you say India, the first thing that comes to your mind is Shah Rukh Khan. I think he has touched people’s lives with his roles, his passion, his genuine love and his boyish charm and that romantic look only Shah Rukh has that I love talking to Shah Rukh as Shah Rukh is very very genuine and very honest.”

“We have a great relationship with him. I love personally spending a lot of time with Shah Rukh and chatting with him as he has the right balance of understanding and being super fun also.”
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