Khanewal: Man kills his sister’s groom over dowry dispute on wedding day

MULTAN: A wedding day in Khanewal district turned tragic on Tuesday night when the bride’s brother gunned down her groom a mere few hours after their nikah.

Police said 25-year-old Muzaffar, a resident of Shrine Sultan Baho in Jhang district, arrived at his bride-to-be Afshan’s home in Khanewal district along with the wedding procession (baraat) on Monday evening.

The nikah took place on Tuesday, but after a few hours, Bilal, Afshan’s brother had a heated argument with Muzaffar over the dowry and shot him dead.

A resident, Mushtaq, told the police that before the wedding procession set out for its return to Khanewal, the groom’s family had examined the dowry given by the bride’s family. They found some household appliances promised by the Afshan’s family missing and demanded money for them instead. But Bilal, the bride’s brother, became enraged and shot Muzaffar over the demands, claimed Mushtaq.

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