Kids, today is the day to say “thank you” to your teachers

Most people agree that a teacher can never be thanked enough. Today, on Teacher Appreciation Day, students and principals across the country will take a moment to spread messages of gratitude at their schools and put the spotlight back on the teacher.

Dubai British School (DBS) will mark the occasion by providing small tokens to acknowledge its “amazing staff” and displaying star moments in the school’s foyer. “Students will also be asked to find ways to show their appreciation throughout the day,” Brendon Fulton, principal, said.

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Quoting Maya Angelou, who once said: “They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel”, Fulton said this epitomizes what the DBS teacher is all about. “Our teachers firmly believe that happy students are productive students and thus create inspirational learning environments that pique curiosity and engage learners on all levels.”

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