Killing your child sends you to jail for life time in Italy, but not if child is adopted

In a small town of Remanzacco in Italy, a father killed his teenage son about four years ago. The court sentenced the father a lifetime imprisonment. But, last week the highest court of the country has decided to reduce the sentence of the murderer because his son was adopted.

Moldovan immigrant, Andrei Talpis, 57, living in Italy, has killed his 19-year-old son, Ion, during the fight between the family members in November 2013. Andrei was beating his wife, Elizaveta, and suddenly Ion comes over to protect her mother from his father. Talpis stabbed him to death during the fight.

After found guilty of murder, the court has sentenced Talpis to life imprisonment in 2015. While the Italian law typically doesn’t sentence to life imprisonment for murder, the penal code recommends them in cases where a parent kills his child. The court has confirmed the appeal and send the suspect to the jail for a lifetime in 2016.

But when the case of Talpis reached Italy’s rough equivalent of the Supreme Court, Corte di Cassazione, the judge ruled that the sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of one’s own child cannot be implemented in Andrei’s case because adopted children do not count as “own child,” according to the penal code of the country.

Some people interpreted this decision as a statement that adopted children do not count as “real” children, and their lives aren’t worth as much. “I found this sentence appalling,” said Francesca Sforza, a writer of a liberal newspaper La Stampa, who has adopted three children.

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