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A legal opinion has been submitted by Dubai law firm to Supreme Court of Pakistan on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s alleged employment in Dubai. The legal opinion confirmed that Nawaz Sharif was employed by Capital FZE in Jebel Ali Freezon (Jafza) in Dubai until 2014.

The legal firm Khalifa bin Huwaidan submitted a 254-page report before the Supreme Court of Pakistan after consultation with Joint Investigation Team (JIT) formed by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The court held its first hearing on Monday to decide the fate of Prime Minister of Pakistan who is facing the corruption investigation.

Dubai law firm submitted its report before the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday, legal advisor at the firm, lawyer and Khalifa bin Huwaidan, told Khaleej Times.
Khalifa’s report was based on the copy of the labour contract Nawaz Shrif had with Capital FZE, and claims that “The contract is 100 percent legal.”

The legal opinion claims that Nawaz Sharif was employed as chairman of the board for Capital FZE Company in Jafza from August 2006 to April 2014 and was withdrawing salary of 10,000 AED. However, his employment status/contract was terminated in 2014 after the company (Capital FZE) was dissolved. This was the year after he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the third time.

The Sharif family has denied that salary was withdrawn and said that the visa was to facilitate visits to the UAE. However, according to UAE Labour Law, all employees have received their salaries through bank account under the UAE’s Wage Protection System (WPS).

Also as per the UAE law, if no record of salary transfer to the bank is found, the employer is held responsible not the employee. However, it is not confirmed yet who was the owner of Capital FZE before it was dissolved.

Hussain Nawaz, Son of Nawaz Sharif has denied in JIT findings that his father was being paid by the Dubai firm. He said that his father did not received any salary from the company at Dubai. Hussain claims that he was appointed as chairman only for facilitation of visa and visits to the UAE in 2006.

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has also revealed in its findings that Nawaz Sharif did not disclose this information (Employment in Dubai) before sitting on Prime Minister’s chair in 2013 which is against the Constitution of Pakistan.


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