Lahore High Court stalls decision to hold 2018 CSS exams in Urdu

The Lahore High Court on Wednesday stalled its earlier decision to hold the 2018 Central Superior Services (CSS) exams in Urdu after an appeal was filed by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) in this regard.

A two-member bench comprising Chief Justice Lahore High Court (LHC) Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Shujaat Ali Khan heard the petition filed by the Federal Public Service Commission.

Earlier in February, the LHC had directed the FPSC to conduct CSS examination in the Urdu language next year.

The Supreme Court had already passed a similar judgment in 2015.

Deputy Attorney General Mian Tariq Ahmed took the stance that it would be very difficult to conduct the exams in Urdu next year as thousands of applicants from all across the country attempt the paper and they would face hardships due to the decision handed over by the single-member LHC bench.

“The single-member bench took the decision without considering the ground realities of the situation,” he added.

“There are 51 subjects in the CSS exams, and we still need time to translate the complete paper (which is in English) to Urdu. The Federal Public Service Commission has been in contact with the federal and provincial governments regarding the matter.”

“There is no syllabus to set the papers in Urdu nor are there any examiners who can perform the task,” the Deputy Attorney General noted.

The official proceeded to request the court to suspend the ruling to hold the 2018 CSS exams in Urdu and provide ample time for the preparations required to set the exam in Urdu.

Giving final remarks in the case, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said the decision of the courts will still hold power, but that the decision made by the Supreme Court was intended to further enhance the acceptance and usage of Urdu language.

He went on to mention that even the Constitution tells us to enhance the Urdu language through necessary actions.

The court, headed by Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, had decided to block the decision to hold the CSS exams in Urdu and set the next hearing on the matter for April 20.


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