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October 11, 2023

Israeli fighter jets rain bombs Continuously on Gaza martyring 900 Palestinians innocent peoples; 1200 Israelis People & soldiers killed in Hamas attacks. After Israel imposed a complete blockade of Gaza in response to Hamas surprise attack, a humanitarian crisis is swiftly unfolding in Gaza with stranded residents Continuously facing a shortage of essential Products, while the death toll from the clashes crossed 2,000.

At least 1,055 Palestinians Innocent Peoples lost their lives in Gaza, while 1,000 Israelis Soldiers have been killed in Israel-Hamas war.


Some people tweets Something thats is totally hilarious
Palatines Israel update

Some said Palestine’s people Killing Israelis Soldiers very badly.

This war is very dangerous for all of the world because Its Muslims and non-Muslims War clearly shown America openly Help Israel while Iran turkey and other Muslim countries helping Palestine’s for their rights.

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