LESCO assures textile industry of uninterrupted power supply

LAHORE: The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has assured All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Punjab that it will ensure that all industries in general and the export industry, in particular, get electricity supply without any interruptions or power fluctuations. 

In this regard, LESCO CEO Chaudhry Muhammad Amin met with the APTMA delegation led by Punjab Chairman Abdul Rahim Nasir and including APTMA Punjab Senior Vice Chairman Aamir Sheikh and Secretary General Mohammad Raza Baqi and APTMA executive director.  

Nasir apprised LESCO management that the present capping of 5MW for B3 industrial consumers and requirement for separate grid connection for load beyond 5MW is obstructing further investment. “Even a meagre additional load of 500 kW to 1MW entails heavy investment and financial cost,” he said, adding that due to excess electricity and acute gas shortage in the country, the federal government is now pushing the industry to switch over to grid-based electricity and offering incentives like a reduced tariff on incremental electricity consumption.

“Such initiatives are, however, frustrated due to enormous investments involved in getting an additional load,” he further added.  

With a view to facilitate exporters and to enable them to meet the growing demand for export orders, APTMA proposed that the grid ceiling may kindly be enhanced from 5MW to 6.5MW for B3 industrial consumers.

This small gesture will go a long way in boosting up exports, augmenting foreign exchange earnings and creating additional employment opportunities. 

Understanding the gravity of the situation, LESCO’s management endorsed the demand for considerably enhancing the grid ceiling and advised APTMA to submit a proposal to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) for across the board implementation of the policy in this regard. “LESCO will assist APTMNA over issues subject to technical capacities,” it was promised. 

Over APTMA’s suggestion, LESCO agreed that the maintenance period schedule would be prepared in consultation with the mills’ association whereas all mills would be informed about maintenance closures in advance.

The LESCO CEO further announced that there would be no load shedding, power outage or voltage fluctuations for the industry, adding that the textile sector had a huge role in the upsurge of Pakistan’s exports despite the ongoing pandemic; therefore, it would make all efforts to resolve any power related issues being faced by millers. 


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