Life of Om Puri to be turned into film, says his estranged wife Nandita Puri

MUMBAI: A biopic on late Indian actor Om Puri is in the works, says his estranged wife Nandita Puri.

Nandita, who penned the critically acclaimed actor’s biography titled Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri, told an India news agency.

“I am adapting the book. I am making a biopic on Omji. I am taking part of the book and I am putting it as he wanted, as an inspirational story.”

She said she is yet to cast an actor who can essay Om Puri as “it is difficult to do so”.

“We are just at the developing stage of the screenplay. The script is the most important thing for a film,” said Nandita, a journalist herself.

Om Puri’s biography was released in 2009, and the actor was upset with his wife for highlighting some of his most private sexual incidents. Things started becoming sour between them from thereon.

The biopic, Nandita says, will have “a few parts from the book and will mostly be throwing light on his struggle, the way Omji wanted”.

“As a journalist, I had gone to interview him. He said, Why don’t you put my life story. He came from a very humble background. He worked at a tea stall at the age of six to put food for the family on the table.

Om Puri, whose repertoire as an actor reflected a rare realism, died in January after a heart attack.

His death had triggered nationwide outpouring of condolences from top leaders, fans and the film fraternity. He was 66.

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