A local rickshaw union has launched their own app called “Awami Sawari”

LAHORE: Taking on tech giants, a local rickshaw union has taken it upon itself to compete through an app of their own called Awami Sawari, which will allow a commuter to call a rickshaw and generate more leads for rickshaw drivers in and around the city.

The Awami Rickshaw Union (ARU) launched this new ride-hailing app in a ceremony held at a local hotel on Sunday.

The ARU has fixed a base tariff of Rs48 and Rs9 per kilometer for traveling anywhere in the city. The tariff of Awami Sawari App is not very competitive as compared to UberAuto or Careem’s Teez rickshaw service. ARU President Majeed Ghauri believed the ownership of the new app is the core strength of this initiative.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Ghauri said that as many as 500 rickshaw drivers have already been registered with the App. The union has asked rickshaw drivers to encourage their passengers to install Awami Sawari App and call rickshaw at their doorstep. The union is also trying to provide android smartphones to rickshaw drivers to make the initiative a success.

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