Lodhran police role model for Punjab police

Asad Sarfraz Khan (CSP,PSP District police officer Lodhran) He went to School at Crescent Model School Lahore, did O’levels and Intermediate from Cadet College Hassan Abdaal while he attained the Graduation degree of Electrical Engineering from Ghulam Ishaq Khan University Sawabi and in 2003 he joined Income Tax Department after passing CSS Examination then in 2005 he passed the CSS examination again and deployed as ASP in Police Department. He served as Assistant District Officer (ADO) in Frontier Constabulary for one year after which he was deployed as ASP Sukkur (Sindh) then served as SP Investigation Shikarpur and Badeen, Deputy Commandant Police Training College Saeedabad Karachi. In Punjab, he served as SP Investigation in Sialkot, Lahore Cantt, and as SP Operations in Lahore City and recently deployed as District Police Officer Lodhran.
His deployment is a role model for the Police Department District Lodhran and District Lodhran’s Police department will always remember his services, his historic services includes the restoration of self-respect in the public, Police’s behavior since 1991 when Lodhran was awarded the status of district was not good but after the deployment of DPO Lodhran Asad Sarfraz Khan Police Department received such appreciation which was never given to any former DPO of District Lodhran.
Since his deployment, Lodhran District was the only district of Punjab which had eliminated corruption from Police Department up to 70% and qualified young officials were deployed in Police Stations as Station House Officers which proves his commitment. When in District Lodhran public’s respect was restored and people saw that first time in the history of Lodhran justice is being served and Police’s behavior has turned positive then people from Civil Society, Media, Lawyers, Businessmen, and students appreciated his services and presented him with flowers and appreciation shields.
Out of 24 hours DPO Lodhran only spends 6 hours with his family and resting while remaining 18 hours are spent in direct service of the public, he is the only DPO in the history of Lodhran whose personal cell phone number is available to every citizen and they can directly call him on which he provides complete legal assistance and makes efforts to serve justice.
District Police Officer Asad Sarfraz Khan has done for the District Lodhran which none of his predecessor or Minister or Politician could do, people of Lodhran were unaware of the traffic laws since Lodhran attained the status of district in 1991, due to which valuable lives were lost on daily basis which includes students, women, elderly and kids and ruined number of families.
DPO Asad Sarfraz Khan took a personal interest in the matter and fought on every forum and finally have a traffic school established in District Lodhran.
President District Bar Association said while talking to Pak times that for the 0.7 million population of District Lodhran traffic school is a mobile university and lives of people are getting safer.
Shameem Group of Industry’s Dr. Rana Muhammad Tariq Khan told Pak times that it was necessary for our young generation especially students to have a traffic school, now large number of people gets enrolled in the traffic school on daily basis and its results have started emerging in the matter of months which reduced the traffic accidents significantly by 60 to 70% and now people drive carefully and with responsibility.
On the other hand students of schools and colleges are greatly impressed by the personality of DPO Asad Sarfraz Khan and visit DPO office on daily basis to get a selfie with him.
Federal Government’s campaign “Say No to Corruption” along with all the four provinces is being run and as compared to all the other provinces Punjab’s District Lodhran 70% corruption from Police Department has been eliminated whose full credit goes to DPO Asad Sarfraz Khan because Asad Sarfraz Khan chose the honest and hardworking officials out of the available police force and deploy them in Police Stations as Station House Officers and kept 100% check on every Police Station and now when an ordinary person visit the Police Station for justice he/she is treated with respect and their problem is resolved and on this basis DPO Lodhran have received the “Award of Excellence” twice. Using the technology throughout the district several gangs were traced who were involved in different crimes and put them to justice.
Using the technology throughout the district several gangs were traced who were involved in different crimes and put them to justice.
On the other hand, DPO Asad Sarfraz has also received an award from Regional Police Officer Multan Sultan Azam Taimoori for bringing down the crime rate significantly and having complete control and provision of justice to the public.
DPO Asad Sarfraz is the role model for the people of District Lodhran and Police Officials because approach to the DPO is very difficult throughout the Punjab whereas situation is very different in Lodhran as DPO Lodhran is found among people all the time and he do not miss a chance of serving the people that is why District Lodhran’s Civil Society, Media, Lawyers, Businessmen, and Judiciary looks at him with respect.
During his time of the deployment as DPO Lodhran, 5381 cases have been registered. a number of cases of serious crimes like murder, attempted murder, robbery, kidnapping, burglary, motorcycle theft and cattle theft has been dropped and crime rate in the district has fallen. Stolen items worth 65 million rupees have been recovered and handed over to their rightful owners which include cars, motorcycles, tractors, tractor, cattle and household items. During his time 2970 wanted criminals were arrested which includes 384 criminals wanted for murder, robbery, and burglary like heinous crimes. 358 cases of weapon possession were registered from which 4 hand grenades, 7 Kalashnikovs, 48 guns, 17 rifles, 230 pistols, 28 carbines, 24 revolvers, 6 Mousers and 956 rounds were recovered. in the crackdown against drugs, 659 cases were registered from which 62-kilogram charas, 13967-liter liquor, 520-gram Heroine, 11112 thousand liter Lehan, 128 active liquor furnaces were recovered while 135 intoxicants were arrested.
During his time 69 gangs were traced out and 208 members of these gangs were arrested and around 35.6 million rupee worth stolen articles were recovered and handed over to their owners, raids were conducted to eliminate evil of gambling and in this regard 56 cases were registered and 284 criminals were arrested and recovered playing cards, Ludo and gambling money was recovered and criminals were sent to Jail while raids were also conducted at the brothels and in this regard 15 cases were registered and sent 55 men and women to jail so that our young generation can stay away from such heinous crime. Restrictions on the playing of Amplifiers and Sound from the Government was strictly observed and 124 cases were registered in violation of Sound Act and sent 124 criminals to jail.
50 cases were registered for making faulty security arrangements and 50 persons were sent to jail, in accordance with the tenant act 42 cases were registered for violating the law and 42 criminals were arrested, for facilitating the wanted cases against 299 criminals were registered and 299 criminals were arrested. For the confiscation of property of criminals wanted in heinous crimes, action was taken against 99 criminals in accordance with section 88 PPC.
In the crackdown against kite flying and one wheeling, strict action was taken and 10 cases were registered, in this regard announcements were made in the mosques that one wheeling and kite flying are against the law and it should be avoided.
Investigation of cases is being done on merit in mosques by sitting down parties, complainant and accused and their cases are resolved. While 33 missing children were recovered and handed over to their families.
He said that at time of his deployment lots of complainants visit his office and considering their difficulties throughout the district qualified Assistant Sub Inspectors were deployed as Admin Officer and complaint management system was commenced, with the deployment of this modern technique complainants submit their complaints to Admin officers rather than submitting them to Muharrars, complaints submitted to admin officers were scanned and made online and at the same time complainant receives a text message on their cell phone with the complaint number, name and number of the concerned investigation officer. While a text message of complainant’s name, number, and complaint number was sent to the concerned Investigation officer, in accordance with this system all the progress of the day can be viewed on daily basis and in this matter directions can be issued, with the commencement of this system expenses of visiting offices again and again were also saved along with the valuable time.
He further said that at the time of deployment in Lodhran there was a severe problem of clean drinking water’s unavailability in Police Lines for the Police officials and their families residing in the family quarters because underground water of Police line was unsafe for drinking and other purposes and keeping in mind this problem he made special efforts and ensure the provision of clean drinking water in the Police line, in this matter laboratory tests of water from different locations near new Stadium were conducted and upon getting the sample in accordance with world standard 120 feet deep pipe was installed and upon it turbine was installed and to supply this water to Police Line’s water tank 3000 feet long water pipeline was installed to ensure the provision of clean water.
DPO said that all Police officials were tested for Hepatitis and such officials whose tests came back positive were admitted in the Government hospital and provided them with complete treatment, to avoid the spreading of this disease all the straight razors in the barber shops situated in the Police line was replaced with the disposable straight razors while old razors were destroyed so that this disease cannot transfer to anyone else.
He said that lively nations do not forget their martyrs, martyrs of Police Department are its pride, Lodhran Police’s officials who were martyred in the line of duty while combating the criminals, and in their honor, their photographs were displayed on the outside wall of the office to remember their sacrifice.
He added that in Lodhran establishment of Police Rest House was also necessary, as rooms of private rest houses or Government rest houses used to be booked on the visits of higher officials and looking at this difficulty Police Rest House was established.
He further said that before his deployment there was no facility of the meeting room was present in the Police Line and DPO Office so along with the establishment of Meeting Room a Meeting hall in the police line was established where installation of Sound system, Air conditioning, and Generator was done.
On directions of DPO Asad Sarfraz Khan throughout  the district SHOs and Investigation officers in accordance with Beat system solved 1375 cases in mosque inquiry, 610 locals were provided with Baraat security so that they can safely get their ceremony conducted and to cover the gap between people and Police and establish mutual trust Police officials participated in 795 funerals, along with the announcements in mosques to avoid aerial firing, provision of FIRs to the doorsteps of 2122 complainants was ensured, 1914 tenants were checked, 685 released criminals were checked, 10208 warrants and summons were completed, 1916 cash van’s squad, 63 water theft cases, 2970 court and wanted criminals were arrested and to reduce the cases of motorcycle theft 4015 motorcycles which were parked without parking stands were have them parked at Parking Stands and 29000 children were vaccinated with Polio immunization under the security of Police during the Polio immunization campaign.
DPO Asad Sarfraz Khan while taking departmental action against the Police officials issued show cause notices to 1626 officials out of which 1589 show cause notice’s decisions were made and in these decisions 1 inspector was terminated from service, 34 inspector’s increment was stopped, 16 inspector’s salaries were downgraded, 16 were censured while 10 inspector’s service was reduced. Among Sub Inspectors one was terminated from service, 105 Assistant Sub Inspector’s increment was stopped, 5 ASI’s salaries were downgraded, 88 were censured, service was reduced of 33, one head constable was terminated from service, 02 head constables salaries were downgraded, increment of 26 was stopped, 30 were censured while 19’s service was reduced. Among constables 10 were terminated from service, salaries of 14 were downgraded, the increment of 62 was stopped, and 184 were censured while service was reduced of 52.  During these 15 months, 12 officials were terminated from service, 1 was forcefully retired, salaries were reduced of 27 officials, increments of 322 were stopped, and 375 were censured while service was reduced of 150 officials.
While upgrading the Rescue 15 system five more telephone lines were added to the existing 3 telephone lines, earlier due to lack of emergency telephone lines phone often remained busy as a result of which people were facing difficulties in getting instant assistance. Considering this 5 new telephone lines were installed at Rescue 15 so that quick response can be given to the people. The system was upgraded to block the numbers who make bogus calls so that real callers can be given full attention.
With the up-gradation of Rescue 15, each caller will be informed through text message about their complaint’s reference number through which they can give their feedback and through SMS higher officials can be made aware regarding the crime and public’s feedback.
It was difficult for Police to remain present at every place that is why it was necessary to update Rescue 15 Lodhran so that with the help of public crime rate in the district can be reduced and through this system people can report any incident of theft, fraud or any other crime through telephone without the hassle of going to their concerned Police Station.
Rescue 15’s Android Application can be installed by anyone, after entering necessary information and NIC number this application can be activated by calling 15 and after which if that person saw any crime being committed then it can take picture or video of the incident and send it directly to the police which will be received by the monitoring team and immediately visit the crime scene, only Android’s register users will have this facility so that bogus reporting can be avoided, through this application GPS coordinates of the location will automatically be received to Police so that complainant’s location can be ascertained. Report received from this system will become a model of providing strong evidence for the Police and it will be convenient to find the crime scene, this application is very beneficial for passengers or people who are hearing or speaking impaired and also very important for the Education and Business Centers.
Vehicle Tracker System, as soon as the caller reports the incident nearby Police Mobile will be informed through SMS automatically so that caller can get immediate police assistance and patrolling monitoring system can be improved.
Similarly, Numberdaars and Counselors can be informed through SMS regarding the watchmen system and Community watch considering the national situation.
At the end, DPO said that we can only make this beautiful district peaceful through the cooperation of people and make it crime free.

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