Mahira Khan shares vision behind her sunset wedding photoshoot

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March 27, 2024

A-list actor Mahira Khan spoke at length about her stunning wedding wardrobe and shared the vision she had for the sunset pictures of her and her husband Salim Karim.

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In a recent conversation with a digital magazine, Mahira Khan spoke about her wedding pictures that broke social media and how, when they first came out in October last year, with the news of her marriage to Salim Karim. However, to everyone’s surprise, the diva said that all those photos were ‘just by chance’.

“I didn’t know this [practice] that wedding photographers click the pictures before the nikah, maybe at the studio or the wedding venue, and I was not ready for it,” Khan recalled.

The ‘Aik Hai Nigar’ star continued, “I said I cannot shoot with Salim before we signed the nikah papers, because I wanted him to see me after the nikah.”

“So when I got there, I was in another corner, he was in another corner, peeking through his Sehra, and I had my veil, that’s when we signed the papers, I walked towards him, and he saw me for the first time. And that’s what I wanted,” she explained, adding that the moment she met her now-husband, she completely forgot about the pictures which were supposed to be clicked after the nikah was solemnized. “My team and photographers came rushing because the sun was about to set.”

Khan mentioned that they stood at the nearby cliffhanger for some last-minute photoshoot of the couple as well as of her bridal look because she did not want any editorials and pose game, and wanted to enjoy her day to the fullest, rather than being worried about the pictures.

Pertinent to note here that Mahira Khan tied the knot with the entrepreneur and CEO of a Pakistan-based startup Salim Karim in an intimate Bhurban wedding, in October last year.

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