Man gets caught when he invited 6 women at the dinner the same night

A man who invited six women for dinner in one night was left red-faced when he ended up having dinner with none of them as they teamed up to teach him a lesson that he won’t forget.

Justin, a resident of Washington DC, planned the online meeting – some within less than an hour of each other – at the Truxton Inn on Monday night, The Washingtonian reported.

Justin told one of the women, Lisette Pylant, that he had to cut the dinner short on the pretext that he had to meet a friend around 6:15pm.

When she learned the girl was another love interest, Pylant took to Twitter to expose the man’s speed dating plans, a report published by New York Post said.

“I show up and he sucks but I figure I’ll stay because my friends are working at the bar,” she wrote.

“So 45 mins in his next date shows up because he double books himself and he decides he’s going to friendzone me to get out of the situation,” she added.

Pylant tipped off the second woman, and when the third showed up, they all left the man in the lurch and drank with each other at a bar across the street.

“Then the third girl shows up – we’ll call her Riley. The guy leaves again and Riley, Katie, and I team up and decide to JT Must Die this sit,” she tweeted.

She added in the tweet, “The two girls and I have now gotten both bartenders and the bouncer in on this and are taking this guy for all he’s worth over here.”

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