Man loses pieces of flesh in brutal bear attack

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March 25, 2024

Jeremy Evans had just become a father when he faced a brutal bear attack during a hunting trip that nearly cost him his life.

The 38-year-old was out in the woods in Alberta Rockies in Canada when a grizzly bear attacked and brutally mauled him several times leaving Evans with injuries he thought was hard to recover from.

The wild animal’s horrific attack ripped pieces of his body organs leaving them on the forest floor.

According to Evans, he considered ending his life to spare himself from the misery after the bear chewed on his head ‘like a dog gnawing on a bone.’

However, soon after fighting off the bear by squeezing as hard as he could on a soft spot on its stomach, he thought of shooting himself dead as he thought he would not make it.

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The attack resulted in ripping pieces of Evan’s flesh including parts of his moustache, ear and scalp.

Recalling his ordeal, Evans said that he placed a rifle on his chin and pulled the trigger, however, luck had other plans as the gun failed to discharge on the first attempt.

On the second attempt, the gun missed his face by mere inches.

It was then that Evans thought of his family and his newborn and decided to fight the pain and save his life.

After driving to a nearby resort, he was airlifted to hospital for two surgeries that saved parts of his face.

Evans has written a book, Mauled, about his horrifying experience and is campaigning to raise money for research into PTSD.


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