Man on trial for sexually harassing a woman in swimming pool

A man has gone on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he allegedly sexually harassed a female swimmer.

Public prosecution records show the 27-year-old Indian man, a driver, touched the woman’s thigh as she swam on April 13.

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The complainant recounted during interrogation how she got shocked and caught off guard by the defendant. “I then stared at him but he seemed indifferent and kept smiling.”

The complaint was filed at the Port police station.

A policeman said they reported to the scene and saw the complainant’s parents and a lifeguard. “There were Filipina girls and three suspects, including the accused. The complainant pointed at the accused as the man who inappropriately touched her while she swam.”

The defendant’s two companions then willingly confessed to the officer that their friend was the one who harassed the woman.

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