Masterminds of ‘minus one’ formula suffered defeat in Parliament: Abid

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali Wednesday said, the masterminds of ‘minus one’ formula suffered defeat at the hands of Parliament when National Assembly Tuesday rejected the amendments of opposition parties in Election Bill to keep Nawaz Sharif away from party’s top slot.

“They are dejected. They suffered defeat. Those working on ‘Minus Nawaz Sharif’ formula were sent a clear message by the Parliament. Whole PML-N and National Assembly stood firm to foil their conspiracies,” he said talking to media in front of the Accountability Court.

He said, “People of Pakistan and whole of the PML-N is with Nawaz Sharif. Hollow threats cannot deter Nawaz Sharif from serving the masses. We have torn away black laws of the dictatorial regime and threw it in the dustbin.”

He said nobody can stop Nawaz Sharif from becoming party head because both are indispensable for each other. Those who failed to deliver during their tenures in the government were now trying to hamper the development process in the country.

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