Meet Lahore’s first female station house officer (SHO)

In May the city’s police department appointed a female sub-inspector as a station house officer (SHO) of a local police station in Lahore’s Rang Mahal area, something nothing short of an accomplishment with the appointment coming in after 17 odd years.

Enter Ghazala Sharif.

Sharif, the first woman to have been appointed to this position in almost two decades, is one of the few officers who had to undergo training specifically for this post.

The police department conducted a refresher and training course for over a 100 inspectors and sub-inspectors including women to bring in more trained and qualified officers.

“I had no intentions of joining the police force and there was no motivation behind my decision. It happened accidentally when my sister applied for it without my knowledge,” says Sharif in an interview to Dunya News.

“I was waiting for my graduation result when I found out I had been selected to join the law enforcement agency,” she recalls.

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