You might not be able to get hold of an iPhone X until 2018

You might not be able to get hold of an iPhone X until 2018, according to a new report, reported The Independent.

The new handset is so hard to make and in such short supply that it will be difficult to buy until the new year, according to respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. That’s despite Apple already has pushed back the release date of the premium phone to 3 November – a month and a half after the iPhone 8 comes out.

As such, probably the only way to get hold of the new phone anytime soon is when pre-orders open early in the morning of 27 October. The X will cost $999 or the same in pounds or euros, making it by far the most expensive phone Apple has ever made.

Mr. Kuo says in a new report that he expects the “fullscreen design and facial recognition features will drive replacement demand for the iPhone X”, according to Macrumors. But while there’ll be a lot of people wanting to buy it, supply will be constrained and will stay that way into the new year.

Those problems will mean that Apple will suffer from “severe short supply for a while”. In practice, that will probably mean that even people pre-ordering the phones before the release date will be subject to longer delivery times.

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