Military industrial base of Pakistan is better than India’s: Gen Sarath Chand

Pakistan’s military industrial base is “better” than India’s, said India’s Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) Lieutenant General Sarath Chand, as he “slammed” the performance of ordnance factories at home, Times of India reported.

According to the Indian daily, Chand said on Tuesday that “Pakistan probably has a better industrial base, as far as defense production is concerned, than our country,” adding that Pakistan exported more defense equipment than India.

Speaking at the inaugural session of AMICON 2017, a two-day conference organized by the Indian army and the Confederation of Indian Industry, Chand criticized India’s ordnance factories for not keeping up with changing technology and not undertaking enough research and development initiatives.

He wondered if the poor functioning of the factories was caused by a “lack of accountability”, read the TOI report.

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